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We buy motor vehicles; but seeing as many companies advertise this exact service, just how are Revilo Automotive different to our competitors? Well, we believe we don’t HAVE any competitors. Why? Because we don’t buy EVERY car, bike or van. At Revilo, we specialise in the purchase of premium, high performance or high specification vehicles. We buy quality, not quantity, and we specialise in the best, not bulk.


At Revilo Automotive we pride ourselves on the fact that we’ll treat you as well as you treated your pride and joy. What’s more, we are powered by Coutts bank, and advised by leading international consultants RSM. With such a pedigree, we’re proud to say that Revilo Automotive is definitely not your average vehicle buying service.

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We don't just give you a price, We value your vehicle.

At Revilo, we don’t work through computers. We don’t just ask you to enter your make, model and registration number and then look up a price on a database. This ‘one club’ approach means you usually get the worst, rock bottom price as it does not take a host of relevant factors into consideration. We believe that vehicles and owners like you deserve more. We don’t just give you a valuation – we value your vehicle, placing a priority on its unique options and specifications.

Over 100 Years of Automotive Experience

Expert Knowledge, Real People, Real Service

Because we deal exclusively in premium brands, we employ highly experienced Brand Specialists. The clue is in the name. Our Brand Specialists have worked for years with their brands and their markets and know them inside out. Altogether, we have over 100 years’ experience of premium brands such as Mercedes, Porsche and Audi.


It means we know facts like how much extra a limited edition is worth. Or whether a certain colour is in particular demand. Or how much those extra features you’ve lavished on your car have cost you – and how much value they’ve added. Or even whether it’s a particularly good time of year – for example, cabriolets are most popular in spring and summer, while for 4 x 4s it’s winter. Essentially, we review each vehicle on its merits, and take all relevant factors into consideration. This is priceless knowledge that no computer can replicate. And it’s reflected in the price we pay.

The Revilo Group of Companies

Operational and Service Excellence. Business.... but Done Right!

Revilo Group is one of the most dynamic young outfits in UK business today, with a diverse business portfolio and extensive residential and commercial property portfolios. Exercising the capital principles of investment, our role is to equip the best possible teams with the management support, resource and opportunity to do the best possible job for our clients.

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