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At Revilo, we don’t work through computers. We don’t just ask you to enter your make, model and registration number and then look up a price on a database. This ‘one club’ approach means you usually get the worst, rock bottom price as it does not take a host of relevant factors into consideration. We believe that vehicles and owners like you deserve more. We don’t just give you a valuation – we value your car, placing a priority on its unique options and specifications.

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Customer Stories

Honest and refreshingly efficient!

A very professional service. Efficient, honest discussions from initial enquiry through to collection and payment. Would definitely recommend.

Marcus Saxton, Mercedes CLS 400, Stockport

Very professional company

Very impressive… Was a bit dubious and expecting to be hammered on price.. They did everything as agreed and transferred money instantly.. I would definitely consider using again and would definitely recommend to friends anyway.

Kevin Black, Mitsibushi Outlander GX4H, Lockerbie
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you value my vehicle?

To value your vehicle, we use a combination of factors. We have an industry database that gives us much of the basic information we need, and this provides us with a valuation start point. However, the database is only half of the story. The remaining information we require is provided by you, our customer, and this is where we need an accurate and honest assessment of the vehicles condition. Once we have all the relevant details, we can provide a fair valuation for the vehicle and this is the offer we make.

What information do I need to obtain a vehicle valuation?

When you enter your vehicle registration our clever system will automatically gather lots of information about your vehicle from the DVLA and other sources. This makes the process for you much quicker, but we still need you to provide us with one or two details.

You Will Need:

• Registration Number
• Vehicle Mileage
• Service History
• MOT Details
• Your Contact Details

Why do you need to call me? Why can’t I enter all the details online?

There are effectively two ways for companies such as ours to value a vehicle. The first method relies on the customer filling in a long form and entering lots of details about all aspects of the vehicles condition. A computer-generated valuation is then produced. There is nothing wrong with this method, but valuations are very often wide of the mark and the customer does not get an accurate quote.

The second method, and the one we employ, is to use a much shorter form that gathers the essential information and then call the customer to work through the detail. Our team have been specifically trained to accomplish this task quickly and effectively and they know exactly what questions to ask. The information we collect in this way is far more accurate than can be achieved from the first approach and it allows us to provide a much more accurate valuation.

How long does the valuation last?

There are numerous factors that effect a vehicles valuation and in some instance’s changes can happen daily. Due to the current climate all our valuations are valid for a 24 hour period, unless otherwise stated.

I have outstanding finance on the vehicle. Will you still buy it?

Yes, we will buy vehicles that have outstanding finance.

If your vehicle is worth more than the outstanding amount of finance, then we will pay off the outstanding loan and pay the remainder to you.

If your vehicle is worth less than the outstanding amount of finance, then we will pay off the loan and ask you pay us the difference between the loan and the vehicle value.

Do you charge an admin fee?

Unlike many of our competitors we do not charge an administration fee when we buy your vehicle, regardless of the value. If you confirm you wish to sell your vehicle to us and then change your mind, or the vehicle is found to have been incorrectly described, we reserve the right to charge a fee payable to cover costs we have incurred. Full details of these fees can be found in our terms and conditions.

How do your drivers collect the vehicle?

Dependant on your location, our drivers will usually use connecting public transport to arrive with you for the specified time. Please be aware that they may encounter delays but will keep you informed every step of the way.

How quickly do I receive the funds?

We are powered by Coutts private banking allowing funds to be transferred to you instantly. We encourage all our customers to check with their bank to ensure the funds have cleared before we take your vehicle away.

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