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Our Process

In a nutshell…

1. Begin by filling out the Valuation request form.
2. A member of our Buying team will contact you for further information.
3. We provide a fair and honest valuation.
4. We travel to you to inspect and collect your vehicle.
5. Cleared funds transferred into your account.
6. Congratulations, you’ve sold your vehicle.

The process explained in detail

1. Begin by filling out the Valuation request form.
30 seconds

Selling your vehicle to Revilo, couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your registration number, alongside your current up to date mileage into our valuation tool. Press ‘Start Valuation’. Ensure your vehicle is accurately displayed and submit your contact email and phone number so we can be in touch to discuss your vehicle in further detail.

To ensure the most accurate valuation, you will need to have the following details to hand.

  • Registration Number
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Service History Details
  • MOT Details
  • Any cosmetic flaws
  • Contact Details.

Make sure you take the time to do a simple appraisal of your vehicle and you are aware of any cosmetic flaws that you will need to tell us about. The more detailed and accurate the information you provide us, the more accurate the valuation.

We do not offer an online valuation, so please double check that your personal details are filled out correctly, so we can contact you with ease.

The initial submission will take you 30 seconds.

2. A member of our Buying team will contact you for further information.
10 - 15 Minutes

One of our professional and friendly buyers will be in touch within 24 hours. The purpose of the call? To confirm the details of the vehicle you entered and ask a few more simple questions regarding the condition of your vehicle.

Our simple approach is to save you time and hassle, so please note, this is in no way a sales pitch, and we do not employ any ‘pressure tactics’. We will always introduce ourselves professionally, and our buyers are highly trained to ask the right questions to ensure we can provide a qualified and accurate valuation.

The conversation will be anything between 10 & 15 minutes.

3. We provide a fair and honest valuation of your vehicle.
7 days to think it over

Our team will often follow up the conversation by researching your vehicle and using their expert industry knowledge to value your car based on all the information we have collected, including its specification and additional options. Assuming that all the information you have provided is accurate, the offer we make you, is the price we will pay.

The valuation we provide is valid for 7 days, unless otherwise stated.

4. We travel to you to inspect and collect your vehicle.

If our valuation of your vehicle is satisfactory, our logistics team will arrange a convenient time and place to inspect and collect your car, bike or van. We do not charge for this service, nor is there any additional administration fees. It’s all part of the Revilo service.

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to sell your vehicle to us we’ll send one of our friendly team to inspect and collect the vehicle. The collection is free of charge and we’ll come at a time and date that suits you. If our team member is delayed, they will do their utmost to keep you informed. Selling your car with Revilo really is this simple!

As well as inspecting your car our team member will also need;

  • All keys and any other items or objects required for the operation of the vehicle.
  • Service history.
  • The Current MOT certificate and all previous MOT certificates.
  • V5 form.
  • Any Audio Equipment.
  • Photographic proof of identification in the form of a current driving licence or passport.
  • Vehicle manuals.
  • Proof of Ownership.

5. Cleared funds transferred into your account.
Instant clearance

We bank with Coutts, one of the world’s oldest and most exclusive banks. The benefit to you is an instantaneous transfer of funds.

Following the inspection of your vehicle, and confirming the valuation offered, we will pay in cleared funds to the account provided. Our drivers will usually wait for you to check the funds have cleared before you hand over the keys.

We do advise you double check that you haven’t left any personal effects in the car, but of course if you have, we will always endeavour to return via the post.

6. Congratulations, you’ve sold your vehicle.

And that’s it folks. Hassle free selling, without leaving the comfort of your own home, and with what we hope is a healthier looking bank balance than any of our other competitors. Oh… and don’t forget if any of your friends and family are selling a car, bike or van, tell them about the great service you received from Revilo Automotive.

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